6 thoughts on “Muskrat On The Nissequogue

  1. I was in my kayak but he was crossing a narrow channel about ten feet ahead of me. They will usually dive for cover when they realize a human is nearby, although I have come across the occasional curious muskrat which will observe me from the relative safety of the tall grasses that line the banks where they live. JK

  2. Love the muskrat. We have one here at the golf course that your nephews always spot crossing the lake. PS Now you have three readers…..

  3. …found your website last year when a friend and I started kayaking the Nisseuogue river… We saw one of these critters last year and your photos helped identify the little guy….really enjoy your photos, keep them coming.

  4. Wow! That Muskrat pic must be better than I thought. My readership has more than doubled. I guess I’ll have to post more pics of those furballs.
    Welcome Linda. Truly, you are my favorite sister-in-law.
    Hello Avid. Thanks for joining in.
    And hello to you as well, Anne. It’s great to hear from a fellow kayaker of the Nissy. Maybe we’ll meet out there. I’ll be the guy with the camera.
    Thanks for all the comments everyone. I really enjoy them. JK

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