A White-throated Sparrow in Sag Harbor

Monday, May 13, 2024,

This is a White-throated Sparrow that I happened upon while walking through the Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge in Sag Harbor. These sparrows usually head north when the warm weather arrives, but it has been my experience that some still spend their summers at Morton. Perhaps the cool winds coming off the Peconic Bay help to keep the refuge at a palatable temperature. I don’t know this; I am truly just guessing.

White-throated Sparrows are amongst my favorite birds. I love their calls and songs, but I am especially enamored with how beautiful they are. I count myself lucky whenever I get the chance to photograph one. Such simple yet striking details are a treat for my eyes, and that splash of bright yellow is sublime. Take a look at the close-up below. Is this not one of the most beautiful birds that frequently visits our area?  JK