Monarchs in Love

Tuesday, October 15, 2019,

I am often – actually almost always – about two or more weeks behind in posting my photos here at Joe Kayaker. I took this photograph last month, but even then I thought it might be a bit late in the season for these kinds of shenanigans. Obviously, this pair of Monarchs think differently. Ah, to be young again. JK

Carolina Saddlebags

Friday, September 27, 2019,

This is a male Carolina Saddlebags Dragonfly, (aka Tramea carolina), that I photographed in a salt marsh in Oceanside. I am no one’s idea of a dragonfly expert but I do happen to have one on staff. Well, okay, I don’t actually have any staff to speak of but I do know a few experts in different fields and they manage to make me sound informed. Annette, my dragonfly expert, has been identifying these amazing insects for me since 2014. She has her own blog, Dragonfly Dazed, where you can find dozens of great photographs of both dragonflies and damselflies. Check it out, it’s pretty cool. JK

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