A Pheasant at Twin Oaks

Wednesday, April 23, 2014,

Ring-necked Pheasant at Twin Oaks Horse Sanctuary

This is a Ring-necked Pheasant that I saw at Twin Oaks Horse Sanctuary. Twin Oaks is a non-profit horse rescue/sanctuary in Manorville, NY. They rescue older, unwanted horses and give them a nice place to live out their days. They really do good stuff. I was there to help capture some video footage for a fundraising appeal. All morning I had been hearing the pheasants call out but I could never locate one. They sound sort of like a rooster with a sore throat but without the whole cock-a-doodle-do bit. After we got the footage for the video I went back to searching for pheasants. I was still hearing them but not seeing any when Cynthia, (the young lady that was writer, director, producer, editor, and reluctant star of the vid), took the time out to point this guy out to me. She did this while she was distributing hay for the horses with a wheelbarrow. Hey, it’s not all videos and glamour when you’re caring for horses. This guy was in some underbrush at first so I had to stalk him a bit before capturing this shot in a somewhat more open area but without Cynthia’s help, this shot never happens. I’d still be scratching my head, wondering where the heck that bird was. Thank you Cynthia, and good luck with your fundraiser. JK

For more information about Twin Oaks, you can visit them here and this is them on Facebook. Please consider helping them out.


Woodchuck at Work

Monday, July 4, 2011

Here’s a pic of a woodchuck peeking out of its hole. Judging by the sand on its snout and ear, I say he was doing some excavating. Maybe he’s trying to get away from all those flies. Although, to be honest, he didn’t seem at all pleased with me either. JK

Herman and Louie

Monday, June 6, 2011,

This is Herman, a fairly new resident at a stable out east. He is, quite literally, a handful. Only a handful. It’s been years since I last held such a small kitten and let me tell you, it was cool. To be honest, I enjoyed it a lot more than Herman did. He was much more interested in exploring his world than in meeting new humans. I’m not so sure I blame him. It’s real pretty where he lives.

This young guy is Louie, brother to Herman. He’s a bit shyer than his charismatic brother but he is a roamer of great distances, (across the street), for such a little man. I’ll be taking more pics at the stable and I hope to see more of these two guys as they grow older. JK