January Dunlin At Cedar Beach

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A flock of Dunlin brave the wind at Cedar Beach.

These shots were taken back in January, the same day I took the pics of the surfing Mallard. I know what you’re thinking: Here it spring already, and this guy’s posting pics he took at the start of the year. It’s true, I am amazingly lazy when it comes to posting pics. I’ve been out kayaking since the beginning of March and now I have several current shots ready to go. And you’re here stuck looking at last season’s stuff. Bad, Joe. Bad.

Dunlin at Cedar Beach.

This guy was in a flock of about thirty birds, all of them facing into a very strong wind that was coming from the west. Except for the sun, which was just great, it was a nasty, nasty day. I felt sorry for anything that had to spend the day outdoors but I was plenty glad to get these shots. JK