Garter Snake At David Weld Sanctuary

Tuesday, March 28, 2017,


These are not recent pics. I took these shots almost a year ago at David Weld Sanctuary in Nissequogue last April. I never got around to posting any of the photos from that day. It happens. In the warmer months I take a slew of shots and never get around to posting them. And then, in cold weather, I spend time – way too much time – doing next to nothing. I’ve got a mess of shots just waiting to be posted. This Garter Snake is a start. JK.

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Brant Geese Outside David Weld Sanctuary

Monday, December 12, 2011,

I snapped these pics on a recent hike through David Weld Sanctuary. The far end of the sanctuary offers a terrific view of the Long Island Sound. There’s also a path that leads down to the shoreline. When I saw from above that there were Brants in the water I took took the trail down to see if I could grab some pics.

The north shore of Long Island is littered with rocks, from pebbles to boulders, the result of glaciation. In fact, most of Long Island, with the notable exception of the south shore, is the direct result of a glacier carving up the Atlantic seaside. To take these pics I hid behind a large boulder on shore.These geese are on another boulder that is a bit further off shore. I would sneak a peek, take a shot, and scoot behind the boulder. Sneak, shoot, scoot, repeat. Who says wildlife photography is boring? JK