Monarch Butterfly On Butterfly Weed

Tuesday, August 15, 2017,


This is a Monarch Butterfly. That was the easy part: Even I know what a Monarch Butterfly looks like. What I needed help with was the identification of those cool orange flowers. Luckily, I know an expert in all things green and growing. My friend Sue Avery, writer of the blog The Tangled Wood, identified this plant as Butterfly Weed. Apparently, these flowers attract all sorts of butterflies, not just Monarchs. They’re a real crowd pleaser. JK

Halloween Pennant at Avalon

Saturday, July 29, 2017,


This bad boy is not a boy. It’s a female Halloween Pennant. How do I know this? Am I an expert on dragonflies? No, but I do know someone who is. Three years ago I needed help identifying a dragonfly I had seen on the south shore.A friend of mine put me in touch with an expert from the New York Dragonfly and Damselfly Survey. Annette made the identification and I came out sounding informed. This is not an easy trick. I reached out to her after I took this photo and Annette was gracious enough to help me out again. When she’s not bailing out clueless photographers, Annette is involved with  the Eastern Long Island Audubon Society as well as writing several blogs, one of which has to do with dragonflies. I invite all of you to visit her at Dragonfly Dazed. She takes wonderful photographs of these very cool insects. JK