Up Close and Personal With a Great Egret at Frank Melville Park

Wednesday, July 31, 2019,

These are two closeup photographs of a Great Egret that I saw at Frank Melville Park in Setauket. There is a pair of these that visit the park every day. They may even live there. As you may know from reading my previous posts about Frank Melville, I am a big fan of the park. And so, apparently, are the Great Egrets and many other birds. On the same day that I took these photographs, I also saw a Kingfisher, a Green Heron, and a Black-crowned Night Heron. All are regular visitors to Frank Melville. Maybe you should visit as well. I think you’ll like it there. JK

A Very Tough Life

Tuesday, July 2, 2019,

This is an adult Eastern Cottontail Rabbit that I saw at Frank Melville Park. Check out its ears in these two photographs. Look at how tattered both of them are. These don’t appear to be fresh wounds but something very nearly made a meal of this guy sometime during its lifetime. Eastern Cottontails have an average lifespan of only three years in the wild. By way of contrast, the very same species can live to be up to eight years in captivity. It’s a hard life in the wild and these pics are an example of just how tough it is for any wild animal.

I don’t know what manner of critter that attacked this rabbit, be it a fox, or hawk, or even your neighbor’s cat or dog, but the predators of rabbits are many and they take their toll. This guy is a lucky survivor. JK