First Snow

Saturday, December 9, 2017,


We had our first real snowfall today. Nothing major. I think a total of five to seven inches are expected when the weather clears tomorrow morning. I was on a bird walk at Avalon Park and Preserve this morning when the snow began to kick in.

20171209115017 (3)-5x7wtww40

The bird walk was one of Four Harbors Audubon’s regularly scheduled walks. We walk at Avalon and Frank Melville Memorial Park every second Saturday of each month. We had a very small gathering at Avalon, only four of us altogether. I guess the forecast scared some of our regular walkers off. I guess the snow isn’t for everybody.

20171209114913 (1)-5x7wtww40

As it turned out, it wasn’t a very big day for bird watching anyway. We saw a few but no great numbers of anything. However, we did come across a small herd of five deer. Three does and two fawns. It was the first snow of the season for us, but for those two fawns it was their first snow ever. They didn’t seem very impressed but the snow was really just beginning when I took these photos.




Friday, August 21, 2015,

Look at those eyes.This is a White-tailed Deer that I happened across while I was meandering amongst the farm fields at Avalon. Click on the pics to see a larger and clearer version, especially this top pic. This is a beautiful animal and I think you might want to see her as I saw her. I’m not bragging on me; Mother Nature made this design. I was just lucky enough to witness Her work. She sure does some wonderful stuff, no?

20150711073235 (1)-5x7wJK