More Beach Yoga

Thursday, August 1, 2019,

Two weeks ago I posted a photo of an Oystercatcher doing some stretches at Nickerson Beach. This is another Oystercatcher – a juvenile this time – doing a similar stretch. The adults are more striking looking than their kids but I think I like this photo better than the previous one. I believe the background is the major difference. The crashing surf and blue water make for a more pleasing setting than just a sandy beach.What do you think? JK

Sweetbriar Has a New Owl

Friday, June 28, 2019,

This is a baby Barn Owl and that is my leg and boot in these photographs. Pretty cool, huh? This not-so-little critter is one of the newest charges at Sweetbriar Nature Center. It is a captive bred owl and it was given to Sweetbriar for educational purposes. When fully mature, Barn owls are truly magnificent animals and this young beauty is a very welcome addition to the Sweetbriar family.