Gadwall At Frank Melville Park

Sunday, November 26, 2017,


These are a pair of shots of a male Gadwall at Frank Melville Memorial Park in Setauket. Gadwall are one species of many ‘winter ducks’ that come to Long Island to enjoy our balmy weather. While we might think our winters are cold, these birds find the conditions here less harsh than the northern climes where they generally spend the rest of the year. Gadwalls may not be as fancily colored as other ducks but they do have a certain understated beauty about them. Click on the pics for a larger view. They’re really kind of cool looking. JK

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A Mallard, Sort Of

Wednesday, May 8, 2013,

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Here’s a pic of two ducks I saw at Avalon Park and Preserve, just off the Duck Pond. The duck in the background is theĀ ubiquitous Mallard, looking just as he should. However, this guy in the foreground is looking a bit iffy. I suspect some Pekin Duck in his heritage. Pekin Ducks are those all-white ducks that are raised at duck farms right here on Long Island. In fact they are very closely related to true Mallards. Long Island’s Pekin Ducks come from a handful of birds whose ancestors were domesticated Mallards from China. Sheesh, those Mallards sure get around. They’re are just about everywhere north of the equator. That, boys and girls, points to a successful design. Darwin would be proud. JK