Turkey Snow Angels

Friday, March 16, 2018,

I was hiking through the Elizabeth A. Morton Refuge the day after a snow storm recently. In many places, my own boot prints were the first tracks in the snow, but not everywhere. I may have been the first human to have visited the refuge since the storm but there were plenty of critters who had left their mark before I got there. From squirrels to deer prints and the tracks of  turkeys and countless smaller birds, there were many signs of non-human visitations. I love seeing all those fresh tracks in the snow but these snow angels à la Wild Turkeys were perhaps the coolest animal tracks I saw all day. In the above photo, you can see the tracks of a deer that walked over the “angel”. The photo below shows a snow angel that was directly to the left of the photo above. I was unable to discern whether one turkey made both snow angels or if there were two turkeys working in tandem. Either way, it sure was a great find. JK.