Chipping Sparrow

Monday, June 1, 2020,

This is a Chipping Sparrow. They are not rare but I don’t see them very often. It could be that I don’t pay enough attention. For example, this particular bird had to be pointed out to me by another photographer. As an aside, about a week after I took this pic, I was at a friends house being socially distant on her patio. As we sat there, I must have seen about eight of these little guys visiting my friend’s bird feeders. Rather than go out to my truck to retrieve my camera, I just sat there and enjoyed the show. JK


A Cooper’s Hawk at Morton Refuge

Thursday, May 28, 2020,

This is a  Cooper’s Hawk. A very frustrated Cooper’s Hawk.

I was visiting one of my favorite places, Morton Refuge in Sag Harbor when I found this beauty, or rather, when this beauty found me. She, wasn’t looking for me. She had had her sights set on a Chipmunk. We both did. When I saw the Chipmunk, I took my camera and tripod from my shoulder and began to set up for a shot. However, before I could snap a single shot, the Chipmunk dashed off. Moments later, this hawk swooped in and began searching the area where the not so hapless Chipmunk had ran to. We were both out of luck. JK