Female Orchard Oriole at Avalon

Friday, September 8, 2017,

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This is a female Orchard Oriole at Avalon Park and Preserve. I took this pic during a bird walk with the Four Harbors Audubon Society. This bird was spotted and identified by Luci Betti-Nash, who leads the monthly walks at both Avalon and Frank Melville Memorial Park. These walks, which¬†take place on the second Saturday of each month are very informative on a wide range of subjects from botany to zoology. It’s not just about birds with this bunch. Our regular walkers include ornithological geniuses, Master Gardeners, and even an expert on insects. I, of course, provide the comic relief. Look, someone has to do it, and it’s the only reason they let me tag along. We have two walks tomorrow, Saturday, September 9, 2017. Maybe you’d like to join us. Click here for more information about the meeting times and locations. JK

Honeybee In A Bindweed Flower

Thursday, September 7, 2017,

20170709090420-5x7awtww30This is a honeybee in a bind. A Bindweed Flower, that is. This flower looks remarkably like the Morning Glory which is a very close relation. First cousins, if you will. In fact a couple of people that I showed these pics to thought it was a Morning Glory. Luckily, I have a Master Gardener in my corner, the amazing Sue Avery, who makes most of my plant IDs. Without Sue, this post reads, “This is a bee in a white flower.” Sue is one of the folks that let me sound informed and somewhat interesting. It takes a whole team to accomplish this task and Sue is a key player on that team. Anytime I mention a plant or flower by name, it’s a safe bet that I’ve run it past Sue first.¬†