A Great Egret at MNSA

Tuesday, November 2, 2021,

I was on vacation from my regular job a week ago and finally managed to get out and take some photos. I enjoyed great weather for the most part and was out every single day. I visited several of my favorite haunts, including the Marine Nature Study Area in Oceanside, which is where I captured these two images. This is a Great Egret wading through the tall saltwater marsh grass in search of piscine delectables.  JK


Some Halloween Fun

October 31, 2021,

Hello Dear Readers,

There’s a story behind this image, as well as a question. I am and have been a long-time volunteer at Sweetbriar Nature Center in Smithtown, New York. Going on seventeen years now. Sweetbriar is an environmental education and a wildlife rehabilitation center. We have whole classrooms come to us, and we also visit schools and other locations. Just last week, I brought a couple of animals to a hospital in Manhasset.

This image and its caption is a little something I created for my Sweetbriar friends. We haven’t actually been losing children. This was just a joke about this particular snake’s size. This is Amber. She’s a seven-foot Red-tailed Boa, and every inch of her is absolutely beautiful. She’s also a very mellow and well-behaved snake. Amber hardly ever eats her handlers. 🙂 

Okay, so here’s the question part of this post. This blog has always been about nature photos and wildlife education, with some wisecracks thrown in here and there. Due to recent job restraints, I don’t often get out as much as I used to. Some of you may have noticed a dearth in postings since last January. Despite my inability to get out and amongst Nature, I am still always at Sweetbriar at least once a week. Should I start making my adventures at Sweetbriar Nature Center a part of this blog? My days at Sweetbriar are always the highlights of my week, and I would love to share them with you. JK.


A Young Wood Duck

Tuesday, October 26, 2021,

This is a juvenile male Wood Duck that I found at Frank Melville Park in Setauket five days ago. He’s fairly handsome now but come next year, he’ll be absolutely amazing. Like something out of a Peter Max painting. Many male ducks dress a little fancier than their female counterparts, but Wood Ducks take it to an extreme. A wonderful, magnificent extreme. JK