Two Generations of Red Ears

Tuesday, May 9, 2017,


This is a pair of Red-eared Sliders that I saw at Frank Melville Park in Setauket. To be honest, I never noticed the little guy till I was reviewing my shots when I got home. To the uninitiated this might seem like an obvious choice for a Mother’s Day post. Unfortunately, there is no real reason to believe that these two turtles are related. Like most other turtle species, Red-eared Sliders make their nests and lay their eggs, and that’s it. It’s a system that works for them. This is a species of turtle that doesn’t belong this far north but they have been conquering new territory thanks mostly to the pet trade, despite the fact that it is no longer legal to sell Red-eared Sliders in New York. Unfortunately, these turtles were able to establish themselves in our waters long before any such sanctions took place. Nature has no need to wait for politicians to take notice of the obvious. JK

Chipmunks At The Fire Pit

Thursday, April 20, 2017,

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This is a pair of Chipmunks that were hanging out near and on the fire pit of a cabin in the Adirondacks. They were using the fire pit as a staging area on their approach to and past the cabin. These are just two of several that were making the trip. I think the side yard was the target but I have no idea what they were after. It seems to me that are as many acorns in the woods out back as there are elsewhere so perhaps there’s something else that draws them. Maybe it’s real estate, as in a new place to nest and raise their families. This is just me guessing because I really don’t know what that parade of Chipmunks were after. I would sure like the answer. On the other hand, I think these little mysteries of Mother Nature are a big part of what draws me to Her. JK

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