A White-breasted Nuthatch at Morton Refuge

Monday, March 26, 2018,

These are two pics of a White-breasted Nuthatch. This guy was working an Oak Tree at Morton Refuge. Neither one of these photographs show it, but Nuthatches are one of the very few species of birds that will search for insects on a tree in both up and down directions. Most birds conduct these same searches only while traveling upwards. I really don’t know the reason for this. Maybe they just don’t like looking down. JK.


Female Cardinal, Three Quarter and Profile Poses

Friday, March 23, 2018,

This is a female Northern Cardinal that I photographed last month. The females may not be as flashy as the males but I think they’re just as good-looking. Certainly, the male Cardinals think so. This female is posing in the classic three-quarter and profile poses. She obviously knows how to work around the camera. JK.