Sanderling Standoff

Monday, August 17, 2020,

These two Sanderlings are having a bit of a disagreement. The one on the left is attempting to steal the Mole Crab in the foreground. The Sanderling on the right is protecting his hard won and presumably delicious breakfast. The local Oystercatchers seem to  enjoy this very same meal.

The bird on the right advances, causing the interloper, who may be a juvenile, to take an airborne hop backwards. The would-be thief soon left, leaving our hero to enjoy his catch in peace.  JK


Sanderling vs. Mole Crab

Wednesday, August 14, 2019,

This is a Sanderling, a fairly common shorebird, and that is a Mole Crab having a bad day. Mole Crabs, also known as Sand Crabs are quite numerous here on the south shore. They are a favorite meal of other shorebirds, including Oystercatchers. Mole Crabs make their living by burrowing into the sand at the surf zone and filter plankton and other detritus from the water. As you can see, Sanderlings make at least part of their living by digging up and eating Mole Crabs. It’s a Sanderling eat Mole Crab world at the sea shore. JK