A Moment of Song

Friday, May 19, 2023,

These two photographs were captured in the same second, literally. Yep, digital photography works that fast. Or, rather, it can. Film photography was pretty much just as fast but, with a limited amount of given shots that were always dependent on your film roll, you needed to be much more parsimonious back then. Nowadays, you can get away with being in focus and shooting in “burst mode”. That means, taking a bunch of shots at one time. That’s what happened here.
Anyways, this is a male yellow Warbler singing his song for all of us to hear.


Yellow Warbler At Avalon

Wednesday, July 12, 2017,

20170612084006 (1)-5x7wt2wwThese two admittedly similar photos are of a male Yellow Warbler. I came across this guy about a month ago while hiking through Avalon Park and Preserve in Stony Brook. I was walking along one of the paths that are along the edges of the farm fields when I caught a glimpse of this handsome little beast flitting from branch to branch in the canopy above. He wasn’t spending much time in any one place so I considered myself lucky to have gotten these shots. I hope you like them despite their similarities. JK