January Dunlin At Cedar Beach

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A flock of Dunlin brave the wind at Cedar Beach.

These shots were taken back in January, the same day I took the pics of the surfing Mallard. I know what you’re thinking: Here it spring already, and this guy’s posting pics he took at the start of the year. It’s true, I am amazingly lazy when it comes to posting pics. I’ve been out kayaking since the beginning of March and now I have several current shots ready to go. And you’re here stuck looking at last season’s stuff. Bad, Joe. Bad.

Dunlin at Cedar Beach.

This guy was in a flock of about thirty birds, all of them facing into a very strong wind that was coming from the west. Except for the sun, which was just great, it was a nasty, nasty day. I felt sorry for anything that had to spend the day outdoors but I was plenty glad to get these shots. JK

Dark-eyed Junco: Master Of Camouflage

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Move along camera boy. Nothing to see here but snow and seeds.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you the Dark-eyed Junco. A master at the art of camouflage, its’ cryptic coloration has allowed  it to approach this unsuspecting group of sunflower seeds undetected. He hops in slowly and then the carnage begins. Spent shells everywhere, the massacre doesn’t go unnoticed. Soon others will join in and devour their fill of seeds, but it was this Junco, a veritable wintertime ninja, with his powers of stealth and invisibility, who made the first kill. JK

Make sure you get my good side.