Herman and Louie

Monday, June 6, 2011,

This is Herman, a fairly new resident at a stable out east. He is, quite literally, a handful. Only a handful. It’s been years since I last held such a small kitten and let me tell you, it was cool. To be honest, I enjoyed it a lot more than Herman did. He was much more interested in exploring his world than in meeting new humans. I’m not so sure I blame him. It’s real pretty where he lives.

This young guy is Louie, brother to Herman. He’s a bit shyer than his charismatic brother but he is a roamer of great distances, (across the street), for such a little man. I’ll be taking more pics at the stable and I hope to see more of these two guys as they grow older. JK

3 thoughts on “Herman and Louie

  1. Thanks, Michele, but I can’t take any credit here. Neither of these guys needed any help from me to look good. JK

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