Catching Rays In The Garden

Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is no snake in the grass. This Garter Snake is sunning itself on a wildflower at Avalon Preserve. I was out early this morning hoping to see a Goldfinch or maybe some warblers. I had seen my first Indigo Bunting only just yesterday but I really doubted I’d be so lucky two days in a row. And I wasn’t. No buntings for me today. I did see a few Goldfinches but I didn’t get any good shots. Too be honest, I’ve never gotten a decent pic of one of those beauties yet. That’s how it goes. I did get some okay-looking shots of some Cedar Waxwings. They may show up in a later post if I don’t get too lazy.

I was walking along the paths in the farm fields adjacent to the Barn when I came across  this unlikely sight. This little guy is maybe eight inches, tops. He’s coiled up on the stem of a yellow flower, warming up for the day’s activities. I like these open fields because of all the sunlight. I suspect our friend here likes them for the same reason. Somehow I doubt he was waiting there so I could have this very cool photo op. JK

3 thoughts on “Catching Rays In The Garden

  1. It IS a very cool photo! Pretty strong flower stem — or super light snake! Makes an even stronger claim for Avalon being Eden. 😉

  2. I would never have given up Eden for a mere apple; it would have required at LEAST a big, fat, juicy plum for me to consider it.

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