Spotfin Porcupinefish

Thursday, February 9, 2017,


This is a pair of Spotfin Porcupinefish. They reside at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland. I was there about four days ago. Whenever I visit a new city I try to check out its zoos or aquariums. The National Aquarium is the best aquarium I’ve ever visited. Eye candy abounds and the displays are top-notch. If you ever have the chance, I heartily suggest that you take the time to visit this aquarium. JK



2 thoughts on “Spotfin Porcupinefish

  1. Oh, they’re real, Trish. What amazed me were their size. I thought they were a species of Pufferfish but I had never seen a Pufferfish as huge as these two. I’m glad you liked the pics. I always enjoy feedback. You rock, Trish. JK

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