Leaves in a Brook

Wednesday, November 8, 2017,


These are two different crops of the same photo. I kinda like both of them. Click on each pic for a larger view. I took this shot from a small footbridge that crosses over a slow moving brook at Morton Wildlife Refuge. I’ve made several trips to Morton in the past two weeks in the hope of getting some photos of Turkeys. So far, I’ve struck out on the Turkeys, (unless you count scat), but there have been plenty of other photo ops for me. I’ve seen plenty of birds, a fox, great fall foliage, and yesterday I had a bit of an adventure concerning a Garter Snake. I haven’t gotten my Turkey, but I haven’t been bored, either. JK



2 thoughts on “Leaves in a Brook

  1. I find myself searching for a couple of frog eyes poking out of the leaves in the less cropped version! Beautiful shot, cropped in or out. Especially love the reflections around the leaves in the cropped version.
    Too bad those turkeys are being so elusive, but enjoying the alternatives while you continue to search!

  2. Hi Jane,
    I liked the surface tension around the leaves as well. That was the reason I went with the smaller crop. I wanted folks to notice it.
    It was too cold for frogs yesterday. None in the pond either. However, I did rescue a Garter Snake that was trapped in some fishing netting right next to the pond. That story will be coming soon. JK

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