Gull in Flight

Friday, March 30, 2018,

This is the Greater Black-backed Gull, the biggest and baddest gull in the world. This is the gull that other gulls wish they could grow up to be. Maybe because some of those other, smaller, gulls sometimes end up being eaten by these tyrants.

Yes, the Greater Black-backed Gull is the bully on the beach. When he’s not kicking sand on some poor scrawny peace and sand loving bird, he’s eating their chicks or their eggs. These gulls have even been attack and devour full grown ducks. Nobody can count themselves safe around these guys. JK.


2 thoughts on “Gull in Flight

  1. I love those big tough gulls! They are like the moose of the sky! 🙂

  2. They are impressive birds. I think it’s kinda cool that the biggest gull in the world is a regular right here on Long Island. JK

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