Young Box Turtle

Monday, July 9, 2018,

Young Box Turtle at Sweetbriar Nature Center.

This is a young Eastern Box Turtle that I came across at Sweetbriar Nature center. He – (or she; I didn’t pick it up to check for gender) – is only half grown. Finding young turtles, or indeed any young animals, always lifts my heart. It’s a sign that, despite how crowded Long Island has become and our incessant encroachment on the few natural areas remaining, that life strives on. Make no mistake, this does not mean that Long Island’s natural wildlife is doing fine because that is far from the truth, but Mother Nature is doing her best to endure. Keep it up Mom. We need you to stay strong for we are so weak and destructive. JK

3 thoughts on “Young Box Turtle

  1. That’s a Charlie if ever I saw one. Great shot! Love the inquisitive explorer look you have captured.

  2. “Charlie” is vying for a prep school. He’d prefer to be called “Charles”. JK.

  3. If it’s a prep school he’s after, then he better go by “Chas”. 😉

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