5 thoughts on “A Bee At Work Amongst The Lavender

  1. That title sounds like the opening line of a poem from one of the Romantic poets.
    “I saw a bee at work amongst the lavender…”

    Yes, it could definitely be Wordsworth! 🙂

  2. I saw a bee at work amongst the lavender
    She toiled so that I sought to help her
    I knew not how and so I asked, “May I assist?”
    She smiled and her words I nearly missed
    For her beauty overtook all sense
    But this she said without pretense
    I seek flowers native and true
    My hive is hungry as I am too
    My sisters and I seek local blooms
    For our comb has many rooms
    In each is a new life waiting to live
    Each is a new life with much to give
    Our work is pollination
    And we benefit all nations
    Our work is planetary
    And the mouths we feed are many
    Local blooms are best
    So if I had one request
    Please plant with seed
    For local need.

    Who’s Wordsworth? Is he some poet? I can’t stand them and their rhymes. 🙂

  3. Love this sweet poem.I am impressed Joe, now you will have to make more poetry to match your photos.

  4. Thank you Sue, but poetry is not one of my strong points. This one took over an hour to compose and I’m pretty sure I was breaking all sorts of rules. I can’t be sure because I don’t know any of the rules concerning poetry.
    I do have one other poem that I wrote last August to accompany a series of bird pics. I never got around to posting it. It’s a ripoff of “Mirror, mirror on the wall”.
    If you’re lucky, I may never get around to finishing it. JK.

  5. Not too shabby. Maybe Horace can review it for you — after all, HE rhymes his poetry and YOU like it! 😉

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