3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. He’s trying to turn the tables on you! 😉
    You must have an amazing array of cameras to be able to “sacrifice” this one to get such a great shot.

  2. Sacrifice is the word. This past summer I was dive-bombed by some Terns. Maybe “crap-bombed” is the more descriptive (and accurate) term. A Tern term, if you will.
    Anyways, without initially noticing, I was “splashed” on my hat, vest, and camera lens. It wasn’t till I was setting up my next shot that I became aware of a large bird poop on my lens. Ah, the glamour of wildlife photography. 🙂
    Naturally, I cleaned my lens and laundered my clothes but I left the white smear on the inside of my lens hood because it always makes me smile whenever I see it. JK

  3. Anyone leaving a poop smear because it makes him smile for the experience is all right in my book. 😉

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