Female Sand Fiddler Crab

Tuesday, July 9, 2019,

This is a female Fiddler Crab of the species Uca pugilator, otherwise known as the Sand Fiddler Crab. These little critters can be seen by the hundreds, even the thousands, in salt water marshes or tidal flats. Whole swarms of these guys will make their way across the mud as they move to and fro. I’ve seen so many on occasion that the very ground seems to be moving.

This little lady was traveling alone. I had been waiting for birds to visit the artesian well at West Meadow Beach when I spied her crawling near where I was seated. As you can see, she does not sport the extra large claw that her male counterparts carry. She does, however, have the same pretty coloration that males wear.

After allowing me to get these photos, she made her way into a grassy area and disappeared. She may have been seeking shade or maybe even some relief from the paparazzi. Hey, I’m a guy with a camera. If I see a pretty lady, I’m gonna take her picture. JK

3 thoughts on “Female Sand Fiddler Crab

  1. I love her purple! Such a neat creature and such great shots of her. Nice job!

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