Atlantic Mud Fiddler Crab

Wednesday, August 7, 2019,

About a month ago, I posted a pair of photos of a female Sand Fiddler Crab. I see them quite often at certain shorelines. The crab pictured here is new to me. Its coloration is completely different than the Fiddler Crabs I usually see. This is a male Atlantic Mud Fiddler Crab of the species Uca pugnax. When I first took these pics, I was unsure of what I had so I did some online research. That led me to believe that this was a Mud Fiddler. Then, I emailed my friend Patricia, who used to be an educator at the Long Island Aquarium, and she confirmed my guess. It’s good to have informed friends. Patricia has a photo blog of her own, which is downright stunning. You should check it out.  JK


7 thoughts on “Atlantic Mud Fiddler Crab

  1. Beautiful blue coloring! He’s ready for a hoedown with that fiddle! 😉

  2. Sally, thanks for visiting. I threw in the Latin names to sound intelligent. Their meanings are quite cool though. JK

  3. Blue is my favorite color and he is the perfect shade of it! Since my sign in that of the crab, I feel a kindred spirit with the little fiddler guy. 🙂

  4. Actually, this guy wears two shades of blue. If you click on the photos, you’ll get to see a larger version. Check out the light blue on the upper section of the smaller arm. JK.

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