Bounty of the Sea

Friday, August 9, 2019,

This is a pair of photos of a Great Black-backed Gull earning an honest living. All too often I see these and other gulls dumpster diving or stealing the catches of other birds. It’s nice to see one working for a change. Of course, this particular crab may not feel the same way. JK


12 thoughts on “Bounty of the Sea

  1. You’re always so hard on those Great Black-backed Gulls. I’m glad to see you give one a compliment, backhanded though it might be. Hurrumph.

  2. Ahem. Hard on Great Black-backed Gulls? Is this one not featured in this blog post? That’s a high honor. JK.

  3. Yeah, but you maligned his tribe first and you’ve grumbled about them in other posts. How ’bout a CLEAN tribute! They are beautiful, beagle-sized birds! 🙂

  4. It’s not that I don’t like gulls but it would take a lot of work and imagination on my part to find something in which to praise them for. They are survivors, I’ll give you that. JK.

  5. Well, I’m not so sure I’d compare them to Wolf Larson, a character in Jack London’s ‘The Sea Wolf’. I had to clarify that because it turns out that there’s some actor running around with that name who definitely does not match the description of the captain of the Ghost. JK.

  6. They are definitely not as harsh as Wolf Larson, but they are kingly gulls.
    Is there really an actor with that name? That would be a weird name to be saddled with considering it is not likely he can live up to it.

  7. There is an actor out of Germany that uses “Wolf Larson” as his stage name. And, no, judging him strictly by his looks, he doesn’t live up to the name. My baby sister looks tougher. JK.

  8. I do not know. If I were to tag myself with a Jack London type of moniker, I would go with John Thornton. That way, there would be no need for me to compare myself with such a massively fine human specimen as Wolf Larson. However, if I were to be brutally honest, I am probably most like the unlucky and unnamed protagonist of “To Build A Fire”.
    I would like to point out that both Wolf Larson and John Thornton are two of my favorite literary characters of all time. Similarly, “The Sea Wolf” and “The Call of the Wild” have always been amongst my favorite books. I read a lot of Jack London in my youth. I re-read “The Call…” every ten years or so. I am overdue for the “Sea Wolf”. I may have to amend that. JK.

  9. Oh, not a good one to be like, the “To Build A Fire” guy. I used to teach that when it was extra frigid out to set the mood. 🙂 John Thornton is a good choice. I can see that for you — better than the “To Build A Fire” guy.

    I haven’t read a lot of Jack London, though the past two years I had students choose him as their author for the A.P. Literature project I give. It’s a yearlong project and they research the author and read three works by him/ her. One of them titled his paper as “Jack London: More Than The Dog Guy”. 😉

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