Seal Watching With Old Friends and New

Monday, January 27, 2020,

After a five week hiatus, Joe Kayaker is back. I was not away on vacation or anything fun like that. I had merely – well, maybe not so merely – screwed up my website and I was unable to figure out how to fix it. Kudos to my friend Mike who was able to restore Joe Kayaker to its former self. Now, being unable to publish anything new did not mean I stopped taking photographs. I’ve got some catching up to do.

These photographs were taken on December 23 of last year. I had driven out to Cupsogue Beach in Westhampton to look for seals. Cupsogue is one of my favorite places on Long Island to look for Harbor Seals. I found the seals and, while I was there, I ran into two old friends and made two new ones. We had all come to Cupsogue Beach for the same reason. None of us arrived together, nor did any of us have plans to meet there. We were all drawn by the seals, like moths to a flame. Aside from my two previous friends, Bill and Raina, we were all pretty much strangers to each other but we all share a love of wildlife photography. Even Bill and Raina were mostly unknown to each other but all four of us were somewhat acquainted with one another because we all post our photographs to some of the same Facebook groups. It’s always nice to put faces to the names. JK


3 thoughts on “Seal Watching With Old Friends and New

  1. I like the wave action in the last one, which perhaps has influenced my response to the seal: He or she looks so tired and I’m hoping land is not far off so the seal can get a good rest. You have caught the expressions of each very well. Despite there being three seals in essentially the same position, the distinction in the eyes and facial features captures their distinct individuality. The first looks a bit ho-hum indifferent; the second seems scared, and the third seems to be thinking, “Damn, how much more do I have to swim for Pete’s sake?!” Nice return, Joe Kayaker!

  2. Despite appearances, not one of these seals ever seemed tired or ill at ease. Also, at the location of where these photos were taken are easy and nearby haul-out points. A seal in water is in its element, and while they do indeed come ashore – often in great numbers – it is probably out of a safety concern and a desire for sociability as much as a desire for rest. JK.

  3. Even so, that last guy looks like he’s had quite a swim and wants to snuggle into the sand.

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