10 thoughts on “An Oystercatcher at the Shore

  1. This is a great shot. The whole bird with a steady focused gaze, beautiful coloring against a beautiful pale background. You should frame this one!

    Is this the mom or dad of the babies, perchance?

  2. Thanks Michele. I was pretty happy with this pic as well.
    While this particular Oystercatcher may very well be a parent, it is probably not one of the parents of the nest I’ve been documenting. As this bird, nor the two parents of “our” nest are banded, it is near impossible to be certain but this bird was photographed about three quarters of a mile from the nest site. Again, it is impossible to be sure.
    Meanwhile, I have been making once and twice a week visits to “our” family and all is well. JK.

  3. Well, it’s good to know another oystercatcher and I’m happy to know our family is doing well. 🙂 Keep an eye on them!

  4. Michele, there are many Oystercatchers to be found in the 2-3 miles of beach in this area. As for “our” family, I visited with them this morning and all is well. JK.

  5. Indeed. As a for instance, the family that I’ve been documenting was labeled as “Nest #33” by the local Conservation Department. Now, not every nest is successful but that should give you an idea of how many Oystercatchers inhabit the area. JK.

  6. Can you get a panoramic shot of a whole crowd of oystercatchers? That would be cool! 🙂

  7. Unlike the Black Skimmers and Terns, the Oystercatchers are not colonial nesters. They don’t hang out in large groups during nesting or while they are raising their chicks. Each pair stakes out a section of beach from the dunes to the waterline. They defend this area from any other Oystercatchers that wanders through, even the ones that might fly above.
    Occasionally, I might see four or even six Oystercatchers mingling together. They may be birds whose nests have failed or perhaps they are just congregating on unclaimed territory. JK.

  8. Oh. 🙁 Well, how ’bout a group of the Black Skimmers? They look like the Hoss version of the Adam Oystercatchers. 🙂

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