Lesser Black-backed Gull

Monday, September 28, 2020,

This is a new bird to me. I had seen it at the shore’s edge and just assumed it was another Great Black-backed Gull. I never expect to see unusual birds. However, when I saw it trying to steal food from an Oystercatcher, I had to give it a second look. While this bird is larger than an Oystercatcher, the difference is not huge. On the other hand, a Great Black-backed Gull is nearly twice the size of my beloved Oystercatchers. Guessing, and hoping , that I had something new, I decided to take a couple pics of it. When I got home and compared my photos to online resources, I was pleased to confirm my hunch. Oh, and by the way, the Oystercatcher kept its meal. That would have been unlikely with a Great Black-backed Gull, who are notorious bullies. JK.


4 thoughts on “Lesser Black-backed Gull

  1. He looks like he aspires to take over the Great Black-Backed Gull’s domain. What a look!

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