Portraits of a Yellow Warbler

Tuesday, October 27, 2020,

This is a female Yellow Warbler that I found at the Marine Nature Study Area in Oceanside. She was flitting from branch to branch, behind this leaf and that one, in her search for insects. She was a real powerhouse of movement.

I’d see her here, try to get her into focus, and then she’d be there. This bird drinks way too much coffee. I’m a manual focus photographer, for several reasons but that’s fodder for another post. It would have been necessary in this situation anyways because of all the leaves and branches. Autofocus cannot always know exactly what you’re aiming at, especially with a busy background – and foreground – like this. I was lucky, not to mention a bit dizzy, to have managed to get these shots in focus.

She is beautiful though. Don’t you think?


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