7 thoughts on “Wendy

  1. She is and she does, but I think that what you’re seeing here is a good deal of wariness concerning the photographer, namely me.
    Actually, Wendy likes me but she has no love or trust of my camera. No kidding. My camera seems to freak her out a bit. I think it’s the noise. Or maybe she thinks I’m trying to steal her soul. It’s hard to tell.
    By the way, Wendy resides with Gwen, another feline that has graced this humble blog before.

  2. Gwen is on a banner in my classroom. 🙂 Are they related? They have similar coloring. As for not liking the camera, I can understand that. My dogs think, “There she goes again with that thing,” and my camera is just a little point and shoot jobbie. Yours probably scares the heck out of her. 😉

  3. Gwen and Wen adopted the same human but at different times and are probably not related. Wendy is much older than Gwen. She might be older than me. 🙂

  4. Now you were just leaving that there for me to pick up, weren’t you? Think I’ll do something with it, don’t you? Too easy….I’ll wait for a better zinger. 😉

  5. Michele, honest, I did not leave that out there for one of your zingers. Actually I thought that I had ‘zinged’ Wendy enough. She really is a grand old girl but no one really knows just how old. This is how it goes with strays and adoptees but perhaps you know this better than most folks. JK

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