Backyard Box Turtle

Wednesday, June 11, 2014,

20140605150830-5x7wThis guy is one of my neighbors. Or maybe it’s a gal, I dunno. I didn’t check under anyone’s skirts. I was looking out my back window when I saw this Box Turtle hurtling across the back yard. Okay, maybe ‘hurtling’ is a bit drastic but this beauty was moving at speed. It had somewhere to be. Despite appearances turtles, even Box Turtles with their highly domed shells, tend to move quite a bit quicker than most folks would expect. These guys are much more agile and mobile than they look. Luckily, I was able to grab a camera and catch up to my quarry. And some of you folks probably think this is easy work. I never made the track team in high school but I’ve still got enough to outpace a turtle. If the coach could only see me now.


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