Procrastination And A Plover

Thursday, April 13, 2017,

20160527102538-5x7wtwwMore pics from last year. I’ve still got a bit a catching up to do. This is what comes from being too lazy to go over my photos after taking them. However, laziness is not my only excuse. 

20160527103219-5x7wtwwProcrastination also comes into play here as well. While I am usually fairly gung-ho when it comes to taking pics, I have to admit that writing about those pics does not always come so easy. Not to me, at any rate. It’s one thing for me to go out hiking, (or kayaking, as the case may be), to find critters or scenes to photograph but quite another for me to write about said photographs. I don’t need to appear particularly intelligent while I’m wielding a camera. Writing requires a whole different animal and I am never quite sure that I’m the right species.


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