National Squirrel Appreciation Day

Sunday, January 21, 2018,

Today is National Squirrel Appreciation Day. No, really. I’m not making that up. I’m just not that inventive. Maybe the folks at Hallmark Cards could come up with such a holiday but not me.

As it turns out, National Squirrel Appreciation Day was created in 2001 by Christy Hargrove, who is a wildlife rehabilitator in North Carolina. Christy is affiliated with the Western North Carolina Nature Center and not Hallmark as I had suspected.

I took these photographs three days ago at the Elizabeth A. Morton Wildlife Refuge in Sag Harbor. I am appreciating this squirrel’s trust in a biped and he is appreciating my sunflower seeds. A win-win situation. I came away with some cool pics and an even cooler experience and all it cost me was a handful of sunflower seeds. The squirrel seemed pretty satisfied with the encounter as well. JK



3 thoughts on “National Squirrel Appreciation Day

  1. Those are GREAT! And you didn’t even mention your usual squirrel comments — you MUST have been deferring to the day. 😉

    My squirrels got dried apple rings, dried/pitted dates, cashews, walnuts, peanuts, corn cobs, avocado, banana, popcorn, and some nice hot water to wash it all down. 🙂 They look like fat little grey bears. 🙂

  2. I think your squirrels eat better than I do. Healthier, at any rate. I, too, have begun to look like a fat grey bear. Only not as cute as a squirrel. JK.

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