A Very Blue Jay

Monday, February 5, 2018,

Here’s a pair of shots of a Blue Jay that is looking rather magnificent. Just look at those colors and the way he’s posing. I found this guy strutting his stuff at Morton Refuge. It’s almost as if he’s showing off a new coat. As far as I know, Blue Jays do not molt in winter but this bird appears to be brand new, doesn’t it? He’s looking good and I think he knows it. JK


2 thoughts on “A Very Blue Jay

  1. He is striking. A common visitor to backyard feeders, we too often take this stunningly-blue bird for granted! I love how he brings out the blue in the shadows.
    Beautiful shots.

  2. Thank you Jane. You’re right. We see these beauties so often that sometimes we forget just how amazing they are. JK.

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