Birders in Their Natural Habitat

Thursday, May 17, 2018,

This is a group of birders at Avalon Park and Preserve. I don’t know what they’re seeing but they sure do seem happy about it. These folks are with Four Harbors Audubon Society. Four Harbors has walks at Avalon on the second Saturday of each month and this is a photo of some of the bird watchers during our most recent walk. It was a wet morning that got much wetter just as the walk was completed. It was as if the Birding Gods were looking out for us. And despite the weather, we did get to see some pretty cool things. Check out the pic below. It’s not one of my better shots but it is the first the first Blue-winged Warbler I’ve ever seen. There is a good chance that I never would have seen this bird, let alone identified it If I hadn’t been walking with a Four Harbors Audubon group. This is why I go on these walks. I get to find the birds and I get an education. You should join us next month. Maybe we’ll find a bird for you. JK

2 thoughts on “Birders in Their Natural Habitat

  1. That “not one of your better shots” shot is still mighty good — sharp, clear, and looking like a little yellow bandit. Nice job! 🙂

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