9 thoughts on “A Terrapin Amongst Flowers

  1. Can you actually tell it’s a female? How? It’s a very stylish looking turtle with the pattern on its shell — but I suspect the males may be just as stylish.

  2. this is a female diamondback terrapin. males are much smaller, and almost never come on land. females come on land to nest.

  3. Hello Michele, Jane, and Russell. Thanks for stopping by.
    Russell is correct. The females do indeed grow larger than the males and only the females travel any distance from the water in order to lay their eggs.
    I have been assisting with a program that monitors nesting Terrapins and protects their nests from predation from foxes and raccoons. This particular lady was weighed, measured, and micro-chipped by yours truly. I will be writing more about the program in a later post. JK.

  4. Well, that is just pretty darn neat! You microchipped a turtle?? How? I am indeed impressed!

  5. I used my Wile E. Coyote recommended Acme Corporation brand Terrapin Microchipper. JK.

  6. I was out on the Discovery Cruise today and Elaine was talking about tagging turtles — I suspected you were part of the team.

  7. You have most interesting hobbies, Joe Kayaker. I like that about you. You would have had a FIELD DAY with all the birds and deer and terrapins we saw yesterday! WHEW!

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