4 thoughts on “Wood Frog

  1. He’s about two and a quarter inches. Maybe two and a half. The females get slightly larger. And fatter during breeding season because they are laden with eggs. JK.

  2. Oh, that’s a decent size. So not as big as the fat green guys at Avalon then.

    I think I have spring peepers in my backyard — though I’m not sure how they got there. I have a pond, but I have never put live creatures in it; of course, bugs and such probably lay eggs there, but I’m not sure where frogs would come from. But it is neat to hear them however they got there!

  3. Wood Frogs are smaller than both Bullfrogs and Green Frogs but they are a bit larger than your Spring Peepers. And, yes, the Spring Peepers make lovely sounds. JK.

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