A Lupine Flower With a Guest

Tuesday, July 14, 2020,

That amazingly beautiful flower is called Lupine. I only know that because my friend Sue Avery identified it for me. Sue was also able to explain to me that this is considered a single flower as opposed to several separate flowers. She added that a flower of this type is called a Raceme. Racemes are clusters of flowers that grow from the same base. So what looks to you and I like a pretty bunch of flowers may be entirely different to a botanist. I’m not at all sure that bees care one way or another. JK


4 thoughts on “A Lupine Flower With a Guest

  1. Beautiful purple! Reminds me of the children’s story MISS RUMPHIUS, who was known as “The Lupine Lady”. 🙂

    And is that bee a bumble?

  2. Thank you Michele. Our friend Sue Avery tells me that one can find whole fields of Lupine in Maine. It must be a beautiful sight.
    As for the bee, I suspect that it is some species of bumblebee, but I do not know for certain. JK.

  3. Interesting. The Lupine Award of the Maine Library Association was named because of this book: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miss_Rumphius . Must be a popular flower there. Beautiful to see a field of them I imagine!

    I’m going with bumble bee — he’s cute and plump and fuzzy. I like bumbles. 🙂

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