7 thoughts on “Juvenile Oystercatcher at Nickerson Beach

  1. Boy, this guy’s got a lot of bracelets!
    And I like his chocolatey look. 🙂 They are such cute birds! Thank you for another oystercatcher. 🙂

  2. Like you Michele, I will miss these birds after they migrate south. I really do enjoy observing and photographing them. JK.

  3. I am not sure of when they will migrate, but I imagine it will happen in the coming month. This is not an entirely bad thing. It would be a terrible shame if we ever got used to having Oystercatchers year round. Such a magnificent bird should never be considered as commonplace. As an example, I offer the Mallard. A truly beautiful duck, but since it can be found in many places and in all seasons, many folks take them for granted. I, for one, never want to take Oystercatchers for granted. I want them to remain a treat every time I see one. JK.

  4. Well, they certainly are a treat every time you post a picture of them — so stock up on pictures like a squirrel does nuts so we can enjoy a few in the off season. 😉

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