A Great Egret at MNSA

Tuesday, November 2, 2021,

I was on vacation from my regular job a week ago and finally managed to get out and take some photos. I enjoyed great weather for the most part and was out every single day. I visited several of my favorite haunts, including the Marine Nature Study Area in Oceanside, which is where I captured these two images. This is a Great Egret wading through the tall saltwater marsh grass in search of piscine delectables.  JK


5 thoughts on “A Great Egret at MNSA

  1. Boy, if that isn’t proof birds and dinosaurs are related, nothing is!. That creature looks like he belongs in a movie — and those prey creatures he’s seeking should be running like tiny people from Godzilla!

  2. Michele, luckily for all involved, Great Egrets rarely resort to breathing fire. 🙂
    And, yes, certain birds do evoke dinosaurs. Whenever I see a crow walking around, I’m always thinking that that’s how a T-Rex lumbered about. JK.

  3. Crows strike me as more refined, but a Great Egret and T-Rex, I can see that connection. 😉

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