Oystercatchers in Love

Saturday, June 3, 2023.

Okay, folks, you might want to shuffle the kids into another room. Or, maybe yourself, depending on how prudish or proper you might be. No offense, and no judgements. All of us need to view the world in our own way. This guy here, likes a higher view, when he can get it.

These are pics of two Oystercatchers in love. They truly are. I was taking photos of the female when the male sauntered up and mounted her. If my camera hadn’t already been focussed on her, this series of pics would never have happened.

This particular coupling didn’t take long. Birds tend to be quick about their business. Very quick. In fact, from start to finish, and that includes the male approaching the female, which is not pictured here, the whole liaison lasted three seconds. While that may not sound impressive, he was quite acrobatic about it. And, check out his dismount. He really sticks the landing. 🙂  JK



6 thoughts on “Oystercatchers in Love

  1. It seems to end with “Ta-DAH!” 🙂
    He IS quite the acrobat! Nice shots — and I LOVE oystercatchers so I’m happy to see so many pictures AND to know they are making more. 😉

  2. Awesome shots. That last photo, I’m not sure if his dismount had him a little wobbly and weak in the knees or jaunty! Maybe a little bit of both. The female looks totally unfazed.

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