A Chickadee Striking Poses

Wednesday, February 28, 2024,

This is a Black-capped Chickadee that I encountered in Sag Harbor. It was very photogenic and seemed to know as much. I love these little birds and I take pics of them whenever I can. JK.


4 thoughts on “A Chickadee Striking Poses

  1. Those are two GREAT shots! Especially of a bird who flits around like he’s zipping from here to there in a nano-second. That first shot is particularly wonderful. WhooHOOOO for chickadees! How on earth did you manage to get him to stay in once place long enough to get such clear photos??

  2. You truly bring out the best of the chickadee in both of the pictures JK…knowing how fast and flighty they can be, for you to have been able to shoot so clearly!! Nice work.

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