My First Bluebird

Sunday, February 26, 2012,

This is the Eastern Bluebird. It’s the New York State Bird and I think it’s the first one I’ve ever seen. It’s certainly the first one I’ve ever photographed. Maybe I need to get out more. Now, as have claimed from time to time, I am not a birder. At best, I’m a lousy birder. Honest. Don’t get me wrong, I love being out there and taking the pics but a good deal of the time I don’t know what I’m looking at. That was indeed the case here.

I was enjoying a long overdue visit to Avalon this past week when I saw this bird. Avalon’s open fields are amongst my favorite places to shoot as all that daylight can make for for great shots. That being said, this bird was not in an open field. Rather, it was in treed section outside the northernmost field. In that light its colors looked more gray than blue but there was something about that chest that made me think. I sent the pics to some of my friends at Four Harbors Audubon Society and both Sue and Luci told me that this was a bluebird. Woo hoo! Victory laps around the kitchen and a couple of frightened cats but they’ll get over it. I had my first bluebird!


3 thoughts on “My First Bluebird

  1. And now he needs a name. I suggested Balthazar to Sue B.,but she thought that was too much name for a little bluebird, so I’m thinking Bart. Nice, short, to the point and decidely solid — plus it has a good alliterative quality. Bart Bluebird — nice job, Joe Kayaker!

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  3. 09/18/13
    Hi Joe,
    Times Beacon Record Newspapers would like to interview you for a story for our Leisure section. Please contact me at the above email. Thanks.

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