Rocky Raccoon

Monday, September 1, 2008

While tracking turkeys about a month ago, I observed this raccoon clamber out of a tree and begin to follow the turkeys, a hen and six of her chicks. When he realized that I was around he climbed back up his tree and checked me out from a safe position. I’m not sure why he was following the turkeys. The young turkeys were nearly as big as he was and seemed (to me) to be too big for this guy to tackle. He’s not quite full grown himself. Maybe he was driven by curiosity or perhaps the turkeys scare up suitable game for raccoons while foraging. In any case, it made for a decent photo op. JK

3 thoughts on “Rocky Raccoon

  1. “Rocky Raccoon stepped into his room, only to find Gideon’s Bible…” Love him, he is adorable. Hard to believe a creature this cute can do so much damage to my garbage. 🙂 A really good shot, this is.

  2. He can do that damage because he’s smart and has wonderful hands. They can be real pains but you have to admire them at the same time. JK

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