A Sure Sign Of Spring

Tuesday, April 15, 2014,

20140414081002-5x7w2Spring is in the air and the Ospreys are back. I’ve been missing these guys. I’ve been seeing many of my favorite migrators since mid March. On St. Patty’s Day I saw my first Greater Yellowlegs, then on the 30th a Great Egret showed up. I spied a Double-crested Cormorant fishing with the few remaining Common Mergansers on April Fool’s Day. I don’t get to see that very often. Two days later I saw an Osprey emerging from the Nissy with a silvery prize. And two days after that I saw my first Snowy Egret. The gang’s all here and I’m very happy about it. JK

3 thoughts on “A Sure Sign Of Spring

  1. Ah, you finally awakened from your hibernation! Good shot, Mr. Kayaker. 😉 Now see if you can get a goldfinch or two. 😉

  2. Thanks! I appreciate that, Kayaker Man. They are my favorite — little feathered drops of sunshine. 🙂 I saw three ospreys flying together recently down by Huntington Bay. Just gliding along over the road next to the water. Beautiful sight! I wished you could have been there to photograph it.

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