A Cooperative Cardinal

Friday, January 12, 2018,

Here are three pics of an uncharacteristically cooperative Cardinal I saw at Frank Melville Park in Setauket. Cardinals tend to shy away from me when I’m trying to photograph them. This guy was keeping his distance but he stayed out in the open instead of disappearing into a maze of branches.

He stayed on or near this perch for about a minute, striking different poses. This allowed me to get some decent shots before he flew off in search of some winter forage. Thank you for your time Mr. Cardinal. JK


3 thoughts on “A Cooperative Cardinal

  1. He looks like he’s trying to figure you out in the middle one. Like, “What’s with this guy with the camera?” 😉

  2. Rest your mouse cursor over that same pic. I wrote something very similar there. By the way, if you rest your cursor over most of the pics on this blog, you will find a comment, descriptive or otherwise. JK.

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