5 thoughts on “Question Mark Butterfly

  1. Lovely shot! Do we know why it’s called a question mark butterfly? I didn’t pick up any questioning patterns or punctuation marks on it.

  2. Apparently, on the underside of it’s wings, which look like dead leaves, there is a marking similar to a question mark. There is another very similar butterfly called the Eastern Comma which has a marking that some folks think looks like a comma. I think that English majors shouldn’t be allowed to name butterflies. JK.

  3. I think this punctuation penchant could make for interesting sky writing! Do we have an exclamation point too???

  4. Not that I am aware of. Of course, I was completely unaware of both Question Mark and Eastern Comma Butterflies till very recently. Obviously, I need to get out more. JK.

  5. Well, butterflies are very poetic creatures. I can see that there may be a whole array of these grammatical garden beauties populating the landscape. I am enticed! 🙂

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